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Callisto offers a new, flexible approach to specialist test services

Callisto offers a new, flexible approach to specialist test services

Unprecedented times in the aerospace and aviation industries are seeing many companies having to reduce their headcount or subcontract core capabilities in order to secure their business’ survival. Areas such as R&D and testing, which are further away from revenue generation, are often the first to feel the impact.


Callisto, part of the pan-European Celestia Technologies Group, is offering a new, flexible approach to specialist test services on an outsourced basis, with a range of products and services driven by highly experienced, best-in-class engineers but provided at a variable cost.


With 20 plus years experience in Radio Frequencies and cryogenic systems, Callisto provides a full range of high precision and cost effective cryogenic test equipment and services covering many different applications and sectors.


It also offers bespoke consultancy services, widely used by organisations such as ESA, including engineering services, equipment design, system integration and thermal cycling test, from its state-of-the-art facility in Toulouse, France.


A key specialism is designing and manufacturing cryogenic LNAs to improve Ground Station Noise Temperature (NT).  Callisto’s thermal vacuum cycling bench provides high precision and cost-effective cryogenic test services, using dry cryogenics with no liquid nitrogen or liquid helium.  Its test bench has a number of important features:


  • Test temperature from 15K to 333K (or -260°c  + 60°C)
  • High vacuum, typically 10-5 mbar
  • Typical cooldown slope, 1 to 2 Kelvin/min
  • Six configurable access ports including electrical, coaxial, waveguide and optical
  • An internal enclosure size of 40 x 40 x 12 cm
  • Suitability for a wide range of component testing including RF, electronic components, small mechanical parts and bonded assemblies
Callisto offers a new, flexible approach to specialist test services (2)

The system can cycle automatically within the defined temperature range for a large number of cycles, usually performing between 10 and 200 cycles, though is not limited to these values.


Callisto also supplies a wide range of additional specialist testing equipment and facilities for the most challenging technical projects, including particular expertise in RF measurement up to 40 GHz and RF measurement for Cryo LNA at very low noise temperature.


“Our established track record and skill-set in sat comms and cryogenic engineering means we can deliver effective solutions to the highest standards with the added advantage of being a variable cost, ” says Benoît Fauroux, Managing Director of Callisto. “That means we can meet client’s unique engineering needs whilst offering a very cost-effective and adaptable way of working, which is really important in today’s unpredictable market.


“Our test service provides a flexible solution for components and electronics assemblies or small mechanical structures, with a price on a per test basis to minimise expenditure. We also supply testing equipment and customer training. To find out how we can help support your business, come and talk to us today,” he adds.


For more information or to request a quote (typically provided within two days), please go to:

Callisto, 12 Avenue de Borde Blanche, 31290

Villefranche Lauragais, France.

Tel (+33) 561 800 807.

Fax (+33) 534 666 478.