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Innovation & Technology

Celestia Technologies Group > Innovation & Technology

Celestia Technologies Group develops fully customised products and solutions for the communications sector.  Our solutions have a broad and diverse range of applications, including secure integrated systems and cloud platforms, mission-critical space comms systems and innovative ground station equipment.

We offer particular expertise in ground segment technologies, with a full range of capabilities in equipment and systems integration.

Our portfolio of solutions and products spans monitoring and control, baseband, RF equipment, antennas, ground stations, IoT and consultancy.


We have over 25 years’ experience as a leading supplier of radiofrequency and antenna solutions, providing superior quality equipment and innovative technology, meeting the most demanding requirements of aerospace, telecommunications, scientific and defence customers.


With over a decade of experience in the design, manufacture and commercialisation of custom IoT products, we can meet the most demanding requirements of customers in the Industry 4.0, Agrifood, Smart Water and Smart Metering markets.

Ground Segment & Ground Stations

We provide turnkey ground station solutions for TT&C, Comms, Data Acquisition and Navigation applications, tailored to customer requirements and needs. Our expertise includes the design, development, integration and testing of new ground stations, as well as the retrofit of customer ground stations. We offer optimum ground station architecture based on a combination of market COTS equipment versus own custom solutions supported by a proper make or buy analysis.

Satellite Testing & Modems

Celestia Technologies Group is reference supplier in the areas of Satellite Ground Testing and High Speed Data Acquisition and TT&C modems. Our proven solutions have demonstrated high quality and superior performance.

Technology Areas

Digital Techologies & Software

Celestia Technologies Group develops Monitoring & Control and Digital Signal Processing software for both ground and space systems. We perform software engineering according to industry standards. Our software developments are focused on:


  • Embedded software and firmware for our products or R&D solutions
  • Bespoke software for ground segment
  • Test and Analysis tools
  • Development of software based on reusable components frameworks to reuse experience, minimise development time and maximise reliability
  • Customisation of our COTS software products for specific projects

Radiofrequency & Emerging Technologies

We are trusted end-to-end product developers of high performance RF equipment. All the products in our extensive portfolio can be designed to offer a range of features ranging from complete integration for indoor as well as outdoor conditions and a variety of interface and parameter monitoring. We also provide expert consultancy, engineering services, equipment design and system integration.

Other Technologies / Mechatronic Systems

We develop innovative and technology-led electronic systems for a market requiring increasingly complex designs. From printed and embedded circuit design to solid state technologies and high speed digital solutions, we offer a complete solutions approach.

Digital Technologies

Radiofrequency & Emerging Technologies

Other Technologies

Your Ground Segment Technologies Partner

We offer particular expertise in ground segment technologies, with a full range of capabilities in equipment and systems integration.  Our products span monitoring and control, baseband, RF equipment and antennas alongside the provision of ground station capabilities in earth observation, navigation and telecoms.


Our team is highly experienced, having a strong heritage and background in working alongside organisations such as ESA and Eumetsat as well as leading commercial customers, satellite and teleport operators and ground segment primes.