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One CELESTIA builds solidly for the future

One CELESTIA builds solidly for the future

The Celestia group has announced a change in its name and the alignment of its European businesses under a “one Celestia” approach in a move that creates a single showcase for its portfolio of technology solutions and leverages the collective strengths of its operating companies, to build solidly for the future.


The multi-technology solutions group has shortened its trading name from The Celestia Technologies Group to simply Celestia with all companies adding the Celestia name to their own, to project a more unified approach reflective of its combined capabilities.


The group companies will now present themselves to the market as follows:

The changes are part of Celestia’s continued drive to exploit synergies across the group, harnessing individual operating companies’ heritage and expertise whilst raising market awareness of the group’s broad technological reach and track record in ground segment activities.


“It’s an exciting day for the business as we advance one stage further towards our stated goal of becoming a ground segment technologies partner of choice with agile technology solutions from our highly capable Celestia group operating companies,” says Steve Jones, Group CEO of Celestia.


“From the early days, the group has grown organically and by acquisition. Within our Celestia family, we now have businesses across Europe that are highly respected and industry leaders in their areas of specialism, whether that’s RF and antenna solutions, baseband modems, satellite test and cryogenic systems, monitoring and control or IoT. These companies are all now recognisably providing an entry point for our customers. Our goal is to show how we can provide a clear competitive edge and build for the future through a more focused approach giving customers access to all the expertise they need from a single, visible entity. By shortening our trading name and focusing on a “one Celestia” approach with a consistent look and feel, we are well placed to achieve this,” he says.


Celestia’s strategy is to continue investing in capacity in market areas of maximum growth potential using the full range of the group’s experience and capability.  This includes building a larger presence in key areas such as fronting complete solutions for ground station design and integration, SSPA / BUC production, cryogenic receiver, optical modem and phased array antenna developments alongside IoT technologies.


This will be achieved by creating new production facilities across its European network and by working closely with key technology partners to ensure that technology roadmaps meet customers’ future requirements.  To underpin this approach, the group is also actively recruiting engineers across several disciplines to meet current growth needs.