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Business Segments

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Our Skills, Talents & Expertise

Across Celestia Technologies Group, companies operate on several business segments

Communications Systems

Celestia Technologies Group develops fully customised products and solutions for the communications sector.  Our solutions have a broad and diverse range of applications, including secure integrated systems and cloud platforms, mission-critical space comms systems and innovative ground station equipment.

business segments

Active Antenna Design & Fabrication

Planar Arrays & Feeders Design & Fabrication

Passive microwave components design

business segments

Wireless Devices Design

Integration of sensors & actuators

business segments

VLBI receivers design & fabrication

High Performance LNAs

business segments

MMIC & RFIC Design

Transceiver front-ends

Space/Ground Communications

Ground Segment Systems

Ground Station Antennas

Digital Beam Forming Arrays

business segments

Space/Ground Communications

business segments

Ground Segment Engineering

Turnkey Ground Station Solutions

Waveguide & Redundant Assemblies

Switches Control Units & Switching Matrices

Monitoring & Control Solutions for Equipment

Hardware & Software design

Test & Measurement Systems

Celestia Technologies Group is an industry leader in the test and measurement market. CTG provides both turnkey and tailored test and measurement solutions for a broad range of customer needs in the defence, aerospace, government, academic and wireless communication industry sectors.



With extensive experience in a variety of industry sectors, CTG can offer its customers full life-cycle production capabilities; including the design, simulation, manufacture and testing of customised antennas.

business segments

Antenna Measurement

business segments

Ground Station engineering

Cryogenic Testing

business segments

Simulation and Testing

EGSE for Onboard Interfaces

Integrated EGSE Systems

business segments

Satellite In-Orbit Test Systems

Satellite Carrier Monitoring & Supervision Solutions

Automated & RF Test Solutions

RF Front-Ends for Test Systems

Customized Switching Solutions

RF Specific Checkout Equipment

RF Frequency Suitcase

Integrated Satellite Test System

Electronic Systems

CTG provides innovative and technology-led electronic systems for a market requiring increasingly complex designs. From printed and embedded circuit design to solid state technologies and high speed digital solutions, CTG offers a complete solutions service.

business segments

Control units Design & Fabrication

Power Supplies design

business segments

Low power embedded design

IOT Networking and protocols

IOT Cloud Integration

business segments

Ground Stations management

Ground Station Automation

Advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) development

Space Situational Awareness Engineering

business segments

Custom ASIC Design

Integrated Circuits Design and Production

business segments

Automatic Switchover Units

Remote Control Panel (RCP)

Embedded Software Solutions

Automation & Monitoring Software Applications

RF Systems

CTG is a trusted end-to-end product developer of high performance RF equipment to the space, defence and telecommunications sectors. Our products can be designed to offer a range of features including full integration for indoor/outdoor conditions, a variety of interfaces and parameters monitoring. As part of our offering we provide consultancy, engineering services, equipment design and system integration.

business segments

GAN SSPA Design & Fabrication

LNA Design & Fabrication

RF Equipment

business segments

Ambient & Cryogenic LNA Design & Fabrication

Redundancy Systems

business segments

Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) Engineering

Galileo Ground Station Engineering

RF Interface Units

RF Switch Matrices

Earth Observation Data Receiver

Telemetry & Telecommand Baseband Equipment

Multi-Channel Multi-Frequency Burst Mode Demodulator

Radio Frequency Converter