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We connect ground to space, producing reliable solutions to communications challenges

  • +35M€

    Our annual revenue from hundreds of customers around the world who rely on our products and solutions.

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    Our diverse, multi-talented people, highly qualified engineers, production technicians and project managers.  

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    Our engineering and production facilities in six European countries, for proximity and support for our customers.


Our technologies

Radiofrequency lateral techs-1-icon Radiofrequency
Antennas lateral techs-4-icon Antennas
Baseband modems lateral Capa_1 (1) Baseband modems
Satellite test systems lateral techs-5-icon Satellite test systems
Cryogenic Systems lateral techs-3-icon Cryogenic systems
techs-2 techs-2-icon Turnkey Ground Station
techs-8 techs-8-icon Monitoring and Control solutions
Internet of Things lateral techs-6-icon Internet of Things
Radiofrequency portada Radiofrequency
Antennas portada Antennas
Baseband modems Baseband modems
Satellite test systems Satellite test systems
Cryogenic systems Cryogenic systems
techs-2-thumb Turnkey Ground Station
techs-8-thumb Monitoring and Control solutions
Internet of Things Internet of Things

A European technology leader in different domains of the satellite communication value chain, from ground stations to aircraft and spacecraft communications systems and IoT devices.

A specialist in Radiofrequency, Antennas, Baseband modems, Satellite test systems, Cryogenic systems, Turnkey ground stations, Monitoring and Control and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

An offer based on technologies developed over the years to meet customer needs, with unstinting quality standards and product reliability part of the Celestia identity.

The business invests a significant part of its turnover in R&D activities and works closely with major European research centres like the European Space Agency (ESA) plus many others worldwide.

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European team working together as one. Our European origins bring a legacy of quality craftmanship to the global stage, offering solutions that are regionally rooted but internationally recognised. Our engineering and production facilities are located in six different countries across Europe, putting us within close reach of our customers. Crafted in Europe, delivered worldwide.   


Our talent community

We have a diverse, multi-talented, experienced team working across our business.  Many are highly qualified engineers, production technicians and project managers; all are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and collaborative. Together, they work hard to bring quality and precision to every challenge they tackle, ensuring excellence. Find out more about us, how we work and opportunities to join us.


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Celestia launches new group website & visual identity

The Celestia group has launched a new website and visual identity for its multi-technology solutions business in a move that continues raising market awareness of the group’s broad technological reach and track record in ground segment activities.

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