Celestia innovations lead the way in lunar communications

Celestia TTI & Celestia Callisto •Lunar communications •Ground station Celestia TTI & Celestia Callisto •Lunar communications •Ground station

The Celestia group is leveraging its expertise and specialist know-how in advanced RF technologies to meet unprecedented demand for robust end-to-end solutions for ground station networks in today’s new lunar era.

With the first projects developing ground station networks for lunar communications already well underway, in line with the growth in space exploration and planned missions as man prepares to return to the moon, Celestia is keeping one step ahead both through innovating and anticipating market needs.

Two companies within the Celestia group, Celestia Callisto and Celestia TTI, have recently been awarded contracts totalling more than 4m€ from Europe and the USA to supply essential ground station equipment for lunar communications infrastructure.  Both successfully partnered with leading organisations involved to deliver tailored solutions that meet the stringent technical and performance requirements of the programmes.

Celestia is also developing a new range of advanced RF equipment for lunar communications as part of its strategy to provide high performance end-to-end solutions in transmission and reception for lunar communications in the ground station network.

Celestia Callisto will offer Compact Cryogenic Receivers in Ka band @ 25.5-27 GHz, and Celestia TTI an X band LNA @ 8.4-8.5GHz, both with very low noise figure. Celestia TTI will also provide a high power solution for X band SSPAs @7.145-7.235 GHz and for K band SSPAs @22.55-23.15 GHz based on advanced GaN technology. These solutions will be launched towards the end of 2024.

“We are seizing the chance to take a lead in one of the most exciting and challenging opportunities the sector has seen in recent years with our development of a new family of RF amplifiers for lunar communications, using the experience and technical expertise we have amassed from over 25 years working in this area,” says Miguel Peña, Celestia’s Group Sales Director.

“As specialists in cutting-edge radiofrequency, antenna and ground stations solutions based on the most advanced technologies, we have the capability to offer complete solutions in RF  front ends that will provide best-in-class communications support for lunar and scientific missions.  Come and talk to us today about how we can be your partner in success,” he says.