Expertise in electronics design sensors integration and wireless communications

Highly experienced in the design, manufacturing and industrialisation of IoT custom products, meeting the most demanding requirements of customers in the markets of Industry 4.0, Agrifood, Smart Water and Smart Metering.

A product line of IoT devices including Smart Water IoT gateways

allowing readings of up to 50 different water meters to be connected to a single point for processing and analysis, Level Management devices that monitor the level of liquids, bulk, or other solids in a wide range of applications, including river or sea levels, water levels in agricultural or industrial ponds, stock control and silo monitoring. Fill level sensors for intermediate bulk containers and small containers that remotely monitor deposit levels, set fill level alarms, plan collection or distribution routes, and facilitate demand forecasting.

Optical Smart Sensors that use optical sensing technology to measure the fill level of waste bins and monitor the temperature inside, allowing optimal and efficient waste collection management. Smart Agrifood temperature probe, a smart, fully customisable connected device that monitors soil temperature to an underground depth of 20 cm.  It helps farmers on crop management, minimises the use of fertilisers and pesticides and automates processes, delivering significant cost savings.

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Indoor precision location system

to support the IMOP Project (Advanced Model of Automatic Allocation of Labour to Manufactured Product) using a combination of 4.0 technologies, developing a tool capable of learning and correcting the location of the subject that increases workplace productivity and safety.

GPS Tracker for asset, people and livestock tracking that uses a highly sensitive GPS module to determine accurate positioning and an accelerometer to detect movement.

Internet of Things Products & Services

IoT (Internet of Things solutions)

IoT products for Industry 4.0, Agrifood, Smart Water and Smart Metering.

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Our companies

Our group companies operate across the globe but share a common purpose. Together, we exist to lead the continuous search for cutting-edge solutions with reliable, affordable, European made high technology.

  • We provide cutting-edge radiofrequency, antenna and ground stations solutions for satellite communications based on the most advanced technologies, with an extensive portfolio of products and services tailored for broadcast, aerospace, radioastronomy, deep space, science, government and security customers. With over 25 years of specialist experience, a100-strong team based in Spain and a wide range of collaborators elsewhere, we are a highly technological, innovative engineering company meeting the technology needs of our customers around the world.

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  • We are experts on end-to-end digital transformation solutions based on IoT technology, a highly qualified engineering team with strong expertise in electronics design, sensors integration, wireless communications and IoT platform and applications. With more than 15 years within the IoT ecosystem, we have extensive experience in the design, manufacture and commercialisation of IoT custom products, meeting the most demanding requirements of customers in the markets of industry 4.0, agrifood and smart metering. We are our customers’ technology partner making their ideas a reality.

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  • For over 25 years, we have been creating advanced high-performance front-end solutions for ground station manufacturers and operators that enhance the performance of radio antennas large and small.


    Working with international space agencies, radioastronomy and defence customers, our offer includes the design and manufacture of ambient and cryogenic Low Noise Amplifiers to boost G/T, Cryogenic engineering and design services as well as RF integration and consultancy.

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  • We provide ground-based solutions in the domains of satellite simulation, testing, communication and data processing. We have more than 30 years of experience in the space industry, supplying satellite test, simulation and RF/Optical modem equipment. We have delivered over 350 EGSEs and modems to space agencies, large system integrators and specialised flight-equipment manufacturers and operators around the world. Our EGSE solutions have been used in more than 80% of all European Space Agency missions.

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  • We pioneer innovative technical solutions tackling complex challenges in very high throughput satcoms for the communications, earth observation, PNT(positioning, navigation and timing) and TT&C markets. Leaders in electronic scanning antennas systems, our expertise encompasses antenna design, phased arrays, satcom gateways, RF, digital signal processing, comprehensive system design, and specialised software for satellite and terrestrial communication systems. We emphasise technical superiority and cost-efficiency, focussing on satellite communications, 5G and position navigation and timing sectors.

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  • With over 60 years’ experience in the space sector, we provide solutions in full turnkey Earth Observation or TT&C ground stations. Solutions are built on proven expertise in satellite communications and our own high-end product range of Earth Observation and TT&C modems in combination with wide band digitisers. We also develop turnkey projects involving payload and TT& C satellite test benches (EGSE, SCOE), providing systems to test the complete RF chain of the satellite before it is launched in orbit.

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