Antenna engineer

Role & Responsibilities

We are looking for an ANTENNA ENGINEER to join our growing business in Santander, Spain.

You will be part of an excellent, industry leading team for the aerospace, defence and telecommunications sectors.

In this exciting role, you will play a key part in designing and developing antennas and communication systems in a variety of frequencies and applications. These include the analysis and design of antenna systems, electromagnetic simulations and 3D modelling, collaboration in the manufacture, integration, tuning and validation phases in the laboratory and anechoic chamber and preparation of technical documentation.

You will also be involved in project management, including managing budgets, scheduling, design and implementation and leadership of consortia of R&D projects within the European framework.

The role additionally involves research and development of new technologies to improve existing telecommunications products as well as developing innovative, new solutions, plus the preparation of proposals.

Skills, Knowledge & Experience
  • A background as a Telecommunications Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Physicist or equivalent
  • Advanced knowledge in electromagnetic theory, communication systems and radiofrequency measurement techniques. Knowledge of advanced radar technology will be a great asset
  • Experience in the design and development of antennas in different technologies: Microstrip, waveguide, phased arrays, horns, etc.
  • Ability to use electromagnetic simulation tools: HFSS, CST, Mician, CHAMP 3D or similar
  • Teamwork and initiative
  • English and Spanish
We endeavour to respond

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